35 erstaunliche Namen des Hindu-Lords Krishna für Ihr Baby

Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boy

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Lord Krishna is one of the most famous and favorite Gods of the Hindu mythology. He is known to have done a lot of good for humanity and played a major role in the Mahabharata war. Lord Krishna has many names and many forms. Finding all his names could be a task, and we understand that. Knowing this, MomJunction has compiled some of Lord Krishna names for baby boys to help you pick a cute name for your little one. But be careful, little Krishna had a reputation of being naughty!

35 Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boys:

1. Abhyankara:

Krishna may look innocent and sweet, but he is powerful too. As Abhyankara, Krishna is ‘the giver of fearlessness’.

2. Adhiyajna:

According to Hinduism, the creator or the super soul is called Adhiyajna. Krishna is also known by this name.

3. Adideva:

Adideva refers to the original supreme God, Lord Krishna. Krishna is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, part of the holy trinity.

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4. Hrishikesh:

Like most Hindu gods and goddesses, Lord Krishna too has a number of names. One of them is Hrishikesh, which also means  ‘one who controls the senses.’

5. Aditya:

The common Indian name Aditya means ‘sun’. But it also means ‘son of Aditi’, implying Lord Krishna.

6. Madhav:

Lord Krishna is also called Murari. The name means ‘one who is as sweet as honey’. Does that remind you of your little one?

7. Murari:

Murari is a common name used describe Krishna. The name means ‘one who holds a flute’.

8. Ganashraya:

Another name for Lord Krishna, Ganashraya means ‘He is the shelter of the living entities’.

9. Parthasarathi:

The name Parthasarathi refers to Krishna’s friendship with Arjun, the central character in the Hindu epic Mahabharata. It means ‘the one who is the charioteer of Partha or Arjun.’

10. Punyah:

Punyah means ‘supremely pure’. It is a great name for your son and also refers to Lord Krishna. 

11. Shyamal:

Krishna, according to mythology, has a dark complexion. That is why he is also called Shyamal, which means ‘black or dark blue.’ A true Indian name for a cute Indian baby!

12. Yadunandan:

The name Yadunandan is also used to refer to Lord Krishna. It means ‘one who is the son of Yadu’.

13. Brijesh:

Does the name Brijesh sound interesting? The name means ‘lord of Braj land or Lord Krishna’.

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14. Garishtha:

Garishtha means ‘he is the greatest’. For followers of Krishna, he is the almighty. If you want Krishna to be a part of your baby’s life, name him Garishtha.

15. Devesh:

Devesh means ‘lord of the lords’. It is also a name for Lord Krishna. It is a great name if you want something that is easy to spell and has a great meaning too.

16. Dayanidhi:

Kindness and compassion are virtues you want your baby to imbibe. Krishna is the very manifestation of these virtues. That is why he is also called Dayanidhi, which means ‘treasure house of mercy’.

17. Gopal:

When you think of Krishna, you can’t help but think of cows! Gopal means ‘cow heard or the protector of cows’.

18. Govind:

Another popular name for Lord Krishna is Govind. It means ‘cowherd’ too.

19. Jayantha:

Jayantha means ‘conqueror of all enemies’. It is a popular name in East India. The name also refers to Lord Krishna.

20. Keshava:

Here’s another great name that implies Lord Krishna! Keshava means ‘one who has long, black matted locks’. Keshava, or Keshav is a common baby boy name in India. 

21. Madan:

Here’s another common name that means Krishna. Madan also means ‘lord of love’ in Sanskrit.

22. Mayur:

Mayur means ‘the Lord who has a peacock feathered-crest, referring to Lord Krishna’. It is a name that is a classic and has cute meaning too.

23. Niranjan:

Looking for a classic name? Try Niranjan. It means ‘The Unblemished Lord’ and is another name for Lord Krishna.

24. Sarvajana:

In Hinduism, God has several names. Sarvajana is one of the many names of Lord Krishna. It means ‘omniscient Lord’.

25. Shreshta:

Shreshta as a name is not very common in India. It means ‘Krishna, the most glorious Lord’.

26. Shrikanta:

Shrikanta means ‘beautiful Lord’ in Sanskrit. It is a name that never goes out of fashion and also refers to Lord Krishna.

27. Trivikrama:

An uncommon name, Trivikrama means ‘conqueror of three worlds’. It is also used as a name for Krishna.

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28. Upendra:

Lord Krishna, according to Hindu mythology, is the younger brother of Lord Indra and is also called Upendra. It is a common Indian name and has not lost any of its popularity.

29. Ravilochana:

Ravilochna means ‘one whose eye is the sun’. Who else but Krishna can have such a magnificent name? Your son, of course!

30. Jyotiraaditya:

Jyotiraaditya means ‘the resplendence of the sun’ and is also Lord Krishna’s name. It is a royal name, fit for your little prince.

31. Radhesh:

If you are a follower of Lord Krishna, this beautiful name will surely appeal to you. Radhesh means ‘Radha’s lover or Lord Krishna’.

32. Avyukta:

Babies are born with no prejudice or hatred. They are like a clean slate. It is up to you to write on that slate and help your child achieve greatness. Avyukta means ‘One Who Is As Clear As Crystal’ and refers to the innocence of Lord Krishna.

33. Anantajit:

Another beautiful name with Krishna at its heart! Anantjit means ‘Ever Victorious Lord’.

34. Anaadih:

A very uncommon name, Anaadih means ‘one who is the first cause’. It is a name that also means Krishna.

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35. Vrishaparvaa:

Vrishaparvaa – what a lovely name! It means ‘lord of dharma’, another of Lord Krishna’s beautiful names!

While we hope that your little Krishna would not be very naughty, we do hope that he would lead the world with as good an example as the lord himself. Tell us your favorite pick in the comments section below.