How to have the best day ever with my two-year-old

The quirky stuff my two year old loves

If you ever find yourself saying, “Look there’s a choo choo!” whenever you see a train — even to an empty car, then I’d bet good money that you have a toddler with a train fixation. Or is it just me who points out large vehicles to only myself?

I’ve noticed that Sawyer’s passions are extreme as they are malleable — ooh! look a shiny thing! (see also Toddler’s Rules) but that didn’t stop me from trying to chronicle his tippy top favorite s$*t@ for the past few months. Just as soon as I think I have him pegged, he discovers something new to love. I really can’t keep up with him so I better just harness this exact moment in time of approximately 31.3 months and share how he’d like to spend his exact perfect day!

Learning to ride his two wheeler. When we last went for a trike walk, he said “I never want to do this again.” Sorry tricycle, you’re out. He’s been wobbling along on his hand-me-down Skuut balance bike for a while, but he’s just getting the hang of “Push push glide” and he’s so proud. I’m so proud. How cute is this? Balance-biking is one of my toddler's favorite things

Swimming. My toddler son is fearless in the water; he likes to splash with the big kids and jump right in when I’m not quite ready. He hasn’t had proper swim lessons yet because I don’t feel like getting in the water, but he would go nuts for that! Swimming is one of my toddler's favorite things

Play with toys, toys, toys. Favorites right now include: Darth Tater and friends ($10 at costco), classic wooden trains (bargains on CraigsList), Play-doh of any variety, and puzzles. Little man has the patience to do a 24-piece puzzle when he finds a few stolen moments — usually when he leaves the dinner table having eaten nearly nothing. If I’d have known I was going to have a second puzzle kid, I wouldn’t have gotten rid of so many of them in the great toddler-toy purge of 2010. Toys my toddler loves

Watching the FROZEN movie and singing the whole soundtrack. Sawyer will claim that “my song” is Let it go, Reindeer(s) are better than people, or In Summer depending on his mood. Our family listens via Spotify and we have all the songs (and outtakes!) memorized. I bought the digital version of the movie the day it was available (Get blu-ray and digital for only $23 and never be without).  Lord help me if he learns about Frozen-themed birthday parties in the next 4.7 months!
Frozen is one of my toddler's favorite things


Honorable Mention of beloved stuff:

  • Watching the Wonder Pets via amazon streaming on his day to choose our TV show
  • Playing with stickers; I like to give him two each day on his shirt because more than that and they seem to end up in the washing machine a little too often.
  • Reading books. He likes the rereading same book over and over and over until I can barely cope anymore, and then he chooses a new one.
  • Angry Birds towel holder finger pinchers I got at Walgreens before a camping trip last summer. Ouch. Ouch.

How would your two-year-old spend a dream day?

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