Step Right Up to Brooks’s First Birthday Party Under the Big Top

When your mom’s the head of marketing for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, you can be sure that your first birthday party will be nothing short of a three-ring circus. While there weren’t roaring lions, skilled tightrope walkers, or dancing dogs in sight, birthday boy Brooks was dressed as a ringmaster, his big sister was dressed as a circus performer, and a face painter named Mollie the Clown transformed guests into circus-goers.

The birthday celebration took place at the guest-of-honor’s northern Virginia home, where the big top was scaled down for pint-size guests. The party invitation, which used classic circus typography, was enlarged to greet guests at the door, and vintage Ringling Bros. signs decorated the room. A makeshift tent housed a magic show by a circus clown, and traditional circus favorites — animal crackers, popcorn, cotton candy, corn dogs, and candy peanuts — covered the treats tables. Swirly rainbow lollipops featured a sticker with each guest’s name, and a cake from the local grocery store rounded out the sweets.

It was beautiful, zany, and slightly over-the-top, but it was full of fun details that anyone can use when planning their own party under a big top! Read on to see all of the details, elegantly captured by T. Nicole Photography.

Source: T. Nicole Photography + Design