10 Amazing Gender Reveal Cakes [you won’t want to miss!]

We’ve rounded up 10 amazing gender reveal cakes for you. Revealing by cake is a great idea because of cravings (and sympathy cravings), duh. We pulled together some of the cutest inspiration we could find, so when you go into the bakery to order you won’t be at a total loss for ideas.

With these photos and some creative magic of your own to add a personal twist, you’ll be able to create the perfect cake for a super special day. We’ve also thrown in some cakes and cupcakes that would be pretty simple to make on your own at home to keep your costs down.

Even if you have decided to reveal another way, like the many we listed in our Gender Reveal Guide article, you might still want to have a cake made for the occasion. Because hey, it will make for adorable photos to addition the baby album! Cake is for happy occasions and this is about as happy of an occasion as there is, so don’t be afraid to let that sweet tooth come out.

Check out these 10 incredible gender reveal cakes.

1 Waddle it Be?– This duck theme is such a cute idea. Bonus, you can use all the leftover ducky decorations for years of bathtub fun.

2 Paint Splatter Cake– There are tons of cute ways to incorporate paint splatters of blue and pink into a Gender Reveal Party, but this cake has got to be one of the cutest. We love the little paint can decorations on top. 

3 Naked Cake- Nothing screams chic more than this pretty layered reveal cake. Plus, that drip frosting down the sides? It’s beautiful! You need just enough frosting to hide the color of the inside cake. 

4 Marble Reveal- This Pinterest link will give you, or your secrets keeper, instructions on how to make this adorable reveal cake. This marble look is so in and it’s actually really easy to do at home.  

Marble gender reveal cake from cookcraftlove.com See all of our favorite gender reveal cakes.

5 Rustic Reveal– This cake is simple, but oh so pretty. We absolutely love this banner and the flower topper. The great thing about this is you can have a simple white frosted reveal cake made at a bakery, but add the toppers yourself. This will surely save you some $$! 

Goregous Gender Reveal Cake found on Etsy. See all of our favorite Gender Reveal Cakes by clicking through to the article. #genderreveal #genderrevealcake #genderrevealideas #genderrevealcakes

6 Confetti Cake– This idea is never going out of style and we’re pretty sure every kiddo dreams of having it at their birthday at least once. Your baby will have a head start with it being at their reveal. You really can’t say no to whole cake covered in sprinkles! 

Pretty sprinkle gender reveal cake from Pretty My Party

7 Heart Reveal Cupcakes- Rather than cutting into a cake, let everyone at the party bite into a cupcake to reveal the gender. These little guys can be made pretty easily at home and will get all your guests involved in the surprise. 

DIY Gender Reveal Cupcakes from Amber {Dessert Now, Dinner Later!}

8 Lil Sneakers Cake- This perfectly decorated little fondant cake is a great option to cut into. It’s more of a personal size, but will save you some money and allow you to provide other dessert options for guests. 

9 What the Duck is It?– This cake is a hilarious play on words for all those impatient parents out there who are so excited they can barely contain it.

10 Chocolate Lovers Cupcakes- These are for all the chocolate on chocolate lovers. While a lot of gender reveal cakes are white, these are all chocolate with a frosting surprise right in the middle. 

Which of these Gender Reveal Cakes is your favorite?

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Amazing Gender Reveal Cakes