7 Effective Tips To Get Relief From ‚Gas Problem‘ During Pregnancy

gas problem during pregnancy

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We all face gas problem in our routine life; as a matter of proven fact, humans pass gas at least 14 times a day!

The tendency of having gas problem increases when you are pregnant. You might often find yourself with the uneasy bloating, belching, burping along with miserable sensations in your stomach. Apart from being uncomfortable, it is embarrassing also.

Is Gas Problem During Pregnancy Normal?

On the whole gastric problem during pregnancy is considered as normal and there is no need to worry for the same.

  • If you have intense pain or cramping in your abdomen, you need immediate medical intervention.
  • Also, if you get severe diarrhea or notice blood in your stool, you should not delay in consulting doctor.

However, in all other cases, it is considered as a natural part of your pregnancy.

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Causes Of Gas Problem During Pregnancy:

Even though it is termed as common, it is essential to understand why you face such a problem. Following are the reasons which causes excess gas in the body during pregnancy

  • During pregnancy a lot of hormonal changes take place in your body and one of the hormones, the progesterone, increases considerably.
  • This hormone eases your muscle tissues in the gastronomical tract, thereby slowing down your digestion and increasing gas.
  • Furthermore, when your baby grows and her weight presses the digestive tract, it also slows things in your digestive system.
  • In the later stages of pregnancy as your uterus grows it narrows the abdominal area and thus pushes your stomach making you feel gassy all the time.

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How To Get Relief From Gas During Pregnancy?

You may not be able to escape from this mayhem of gas problem fully but a few simple steps mentioned below can make your life much better.

1. Break Your Meals:

If you were taking 2 heavy meals during a day then now break it into small portions more than twice in a day.

  • Eat less food with fewer intervals.
  • Rather than eating 3 big meals, have 5 or 6 smaller meals spread throughout the day, so as to maintain your digestion system.

2. Chew Your Food, Don’t Gulp:

How you eat your food also matters, so chew it well which puts less pressure on your digestive system.

  • Avoid talking while having food, so that you absorb less air.
  • And remember not drink water during your meals.
  • Drink a glass ten minutes before and after having your meal.

3. Maintain A Food Journal:

There might be some foods which might create more gas problems than others.

  • So note down whatever you are eating and check after 6 hours of eating whether you are feeling gassy.
  • Those foods which you find are troublesome should be avoided.

4. Problematic Foods:

Some foods by nature are the ones which creates gas problem. So when you consume them, be cautious.

  • These foods are beans, cabbage, cauliflower, milk and other dairy products, broccoli, apple, etc.
  • It is always better to check your tolerance level with these foods and decide for yourself.

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5. Walk It Out:

It is necessary that you do not maintain a sedentary lifestyle when you are pregnant. You should make sure that you always walk or do some exercises to help your body digest faster and avoid the windy gas.

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6. Yoga Can Be Helpful Too:

This ancient science offers various poses or exercises to improve digestion in the body.

But remember to tell your instructor about your pregnancy before you try the exercises.

7. Medicines And Drugs:

After several attempts when you are unable to deal with the problem, consult your doctor or health practitioner for possible remedies.

You can ask them for any suitable medicine that you can take to overcome the problem. In fact, this should only be the last resort.

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Thus, pregnancy brings lot of changes in your body and you should be prepared to deal with it in a constructive way. We hope you might now go easy when you face gas problem and try the aforementioned tactics.

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