My Oscar baby turned the big 0-1

We hosted a little playdate at our house for the under-two set to celebrate Milo’s birthday for the camera. A very little playdate. In fact, I accidentally invited more people than I meant to because I copied the evite guest list from Holden’s big O-1 and then had to uninvite a bunch of people… oops! Maybe if it weren’t such a darn rainy time of year, we could have gotten wild in the backyard, but it is what it is.

We put the kid in a party hat and let him mangle some wonderful cake. Done and done.

With the obligatory photos out of the way, I focused on “Celebrating My Way“: glamming it up at an Oscar Party and remembering how just last year with seven “go into labor” cookies in my belly, I went into labor after Whitney’s Oscar Party… ahhh memories.

I wore the bridesmaid dress from Whitney’s wedding in 2001 and forced Alec into his best suit (the one we got married in, if you’re wondering) and we sat in the front row cheering and booing with the rest of the silly people. Good times.