Stuff Every Mom Should Know

Inspired by the enthusiasm our website readers had for our first book and the fact that our kids just keep getting bigger, we are delighted to present a new tip-filled, slightly-irreverent handbook. Combining our battle-tested ideas with conversations with some of the smartest moms around, we wrote this densely-packed little book with solutions to common parenting problems: Stuff Every Mom Should Know.

What kind of stuff? The kind of stuff your best friend would help you figure out if she had nothing better to do than answer your parenting problems as they come up. Stuff like:

  • making pancakes shaped like Mickey Mouse
  • introducing solid foods
  • hugging your teenager without her knowing
  • baby-proofing like an expert
  • surviving a birthday party with your sanity in tact
  • and lots more!

Buy Stuff Every Mom Should Know in hardback (sized like an iPhone) or for kindle (to play on your actual iPhone).

What are people saying?

Featured in the 2012 Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide on

“Quick and useful tips all in one compact book to make you laugh and prepared for motherhood! From how to sing a lullabies to building a kick-ass fort, this book is charming and a must-have for mommies!” ~ Kimberley Clayton Blaine, www.TheGoToMom.TV & www.MommytoMommy.TV

“Stuff Every Mom Should Know gives you easy ideas and instructions while being easy to toss into a diaper bag or keep in your purse for pulling out at a difficult moment (making a long wait fun). It even goes up to the teenage years!” ~ Psychotic Housewife

“Possibly my favourite bit is the “pick-up lines” for meeting other mums. I felt like a gawky teenager again at the mother and baby groups and would definitely have felt more confident armed with a few opening gambits.” ~ Milk Chic